Spacious Modern Living Trends

Spacious Modern Living Trends

In an ideal world, wed all love to have a huge airy living area in which to stretch out at the end of the working day, or while away a lazy weekend, and this collection of contemporary living spaces tick all the boxes.

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Via CG Monkey
Flooded with light from huge walls of glass that stretch up to the sky and reflect against a huge gloss panel in zesty orange, placed to highlight the entertainment area that forms the focus in most modern day homes, this room is bright and inspirational. The latest staircases are open-sided and appear to float from one floor to another in a barely there effect.

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This peaceful neutral home incorporates a glass balustrade for added safety and practicality. A glass fa├žade spans the entire length of the open plan home, showcasing a bridged courtyard entryway and hot tub decking area beyond.

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Via Gretan
L-shaped sofas create a much need sense of coziness in a large space, and a low standing coffee table allows unobstructed continuity.

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Mezzanine levels make great use of especially high ceilings, and are the perfect place to house an extensive home library. Oversized arc lamps also work well in lofty height situations, taking full advantage of tall proportions.

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Textured and paneled walls create interest over vast wall expanses, and prevent generous dimensions from appearing too stark and gallery-like.

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