Living Rooms That Sport A Book Collection

Living Rooms That Sport A Book Collection

There are not many tasks more daunting when moving house than packing up all your books. Over the years, most people seem to acquire many square feet and even more pounds of books that have to be packed, moved, and stored. Wouldnt it be wonderful, then, to move into a place that had a marvelous shelving system to house and display your entire collection? Each of these images gives us a glimpse into a home that clearly believes in the power of words, and the power of floor-to-ceiling shelving.

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The fact is that no matter how much you love your books, you can only read one at a time. This shelving unit takes advantage of that fact by adding depth rather than width. Books can be stacked two deep so that less wall space is necessary for twice as many books.

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This urban industrial apartment has vaulted ceilings, but in most cases, that just means a lot of empty space above your head. The massive shelving unit takes full advantage of the extra area, letting you stack books all the way up to the top and including a ladder for quick, if precarious access to every level.

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In another example of taking advantage of high ceilings, these built in shelves are nestled completely into the wall, making for a sincerely impressive display.

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Just because you have access to a lot of shelving does not mean that every inch needs to be full of books. These shelves are instead carefully curated with books, magazine, and various knick-knacks for display. The result is both storage and d├ęcor.

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While the more accident prone among us may hesitate to live somewhere with so many white surfaces, for those that can manage it, it can be truly serene. Here we do not see a massive shelving unit, rather in keeping with the minimalist style of the space, a few shelves float on the wall.

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These modern shelves leave a lot of negative space, calling attention to the look of the books rather than of the shelves themselves. The open backs and oversized height of the shelves let the beautiful brick wall shine through but still give a space for all that reading material.

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