Karakoy Loft Uses Rich Wood Features and Creative Industrial Elements

Karakoy Loft Uses Rich Wood Features and Creative Industrial Elements

This stunning project from the design team at Istanbul’s Ofist is truly one of a kind. The loft, designed specifically for a bachelor client, has a variety of creative features that are not just beautiful but tailored to the physical experience of the space. We’re delighted to be able to give you a look inside this inspiring home.

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Upon a first look into the living room, you are instantly struck by the warm wood ceiling and sweeping wide windows.

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Of course, a massive couch to welcome visitors is also a focal point.

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The windows fold open to turn the living room into its own balcony, since the apartment’s architecture lacks that feature.

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The entry way is tucked out of the way but also spotlights a couple of selections from the owner’s art collection.

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The colors pop nicely against the cool concrete walls.

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The dining area, which slows easily into the open kitchen, also features a sleek fireplace and plenty of storage for entertaining (e.g., an extensive bar collection).

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The minimalist industrial-style staircase is perhaps one of the most captivating features of this modern loft.

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Its metal steps seems almost to disappear from certain angles and leave the space feeling open and interesting.

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A creatively affixed handrail comes down from the ceiling but does not sacrifice style for safety.

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Upstairs, the room is even more enveloped in that lovely iroko wood.

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Angled skylights give plenty of sun to both levels of the home.

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The storage shelves around the perimeter of the space do leave things out in the open, but encourage tidiness and creativity.

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The lofted bedroom is simple and sunny.

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Back downstairs a spacious kitchen utilizes the same storage structure for flatware and pantry storage.

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While a center island leaves space for any amount of meal preparation.

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The cement based floors throughout the house were chosen for their barefoot appeal.

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The glass walled bathroom may not offer a lot in terms of privacy, but it’s spacious and elegant.

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Marble walls in the shower are both practical and beautiful.

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Exposed plumbing at this bathroom sink is the height of industrial chic.

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Design Office: Ofist
Design Team: Yasemin Arpac Sabahattin Emir
Electrical Works: Birtes Elektrik
Mechanical Works: DSM Muhendislik
Wood Works: Aren Dekorasyon
Metal Works: Sen Metal
Stone Works: Oktay Yegin
Paint Works: Ali Aksu
Cement Based Surface: Hit Design
Photography: Koray Erkaya

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