Luxury 3 Bedroom Apartment Design Under 2000 Square Feet (Includes 3D Floor Plan)

Luxury 3 Bedroom Apartment Design Under 2000 Square Feet (Includes 3D Floor Plan)

Sophisticated design is a term often used, and seldom achieved. This apartment in Chișinău, Moldova, is an example of a truly sophisticated apartment, artfully constructed. Commissioned by a young ambitious couple and designed by MUSA Studio, this 178 square metre space has all the elements and some added – an extra bedroom, library, wardrobe, storage and bathroom, in addition to the existing rooms. Using a charcoal palette and refined, opulent materials, this living quarters screams space while showing off the finer elements in life. Living walls, satin bedsheets, marble walls and flooring, and intricate art pieces coalesce in the opulent living room, the focal point of the space.

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Entering into the living room, understated black cabinetry strikes the eye, peppered with abstract LED light fixtures. A charcoal leather chair and ottoman sit before a crafted bonsai and enamel tiger, artistic additions to the room. Low-lying lacquered tables break the black.

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Backing on to a high-ceilinged window, charcoal leather sits beside a minimalistic library, designed for a 4m cubed stack of books. Perfectly framing each wall with an elegant stencil design, its white-bound bounty matches the lacquered white desk and buoyant circular lights.

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Transitioning through the living room, additional features add everyday elegance. Round tables offering lilies reflect LED lights; grey-and-white rug textures mirror wall art; alternating black and white gothic panels line the room.

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Free-standing panels form room partitions as the space transforms to a wardrobe, the black enamel tiger leading the way. Bonzai trees from the study appear in the living room, a segue and hint of nature in an apartment lapping up modern-day luxury.

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Green elements dominate in the kitchen and living area. Living walls burst colour against lacquered Bordeaux-coloured cabinetry, adding warmth and taste to an area for eating. Charcoal cabinets clear the palette, while pots of green on the bench and through the window hark back to the wall of green.

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Dining occurs afront backdrops of French-windowed cabinets, under another set of abstract lighting. Settling on a lined rug of wool, leather chairs lift the visitor to elevated tastebuds, while the moveable kitchen island accommodates more space.

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A room for a future child inspires with a feature wall quote and anime bear motif, a sign of a couple well-travelled and aptly imaginative. A playful hammock swings beside turquoise satin cushions, French cabinetry and potted green. A suspended desk offers a place of quiet.

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The spare bedroom alternates textures in a surprisingly understated way. Luxurious shagpile rugs and velvet headboards meet the visitor’s eye, as a playful chalkboard feature wall and thick-striped bedding proffers discerning patterns.

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The master bedroom, wardrobe and ensuite offer a respite fit for an after-dinner soiree or pampered night at home. A living wall faces the side of the bed, joined by two cylindrical side tables and matching lamps. A walk-in wardrobe invites a place to sit and dress, while a woollen circle rug designates the place. Bonzai trees join the ensuite’s marbled floor, open plan with the rest of the space, to finish off a room contemporary, stylish and sensual in feel.

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Each bedroom boasts a different elegance. The master bedroom hosts the living wall, resplendent in its luxury, while the guest room shows an artwork chalked on its side. The second guest room wows in silken bedding and matching cabinetry panels, while the children’s bedroom-in-waiting offers feature wall inspiration. Each space holds a desk area to contemplate and dress, a luxury usually afforded in hotels.

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The bathroom and toilet complete the taste of luxury in top-to-toe, wall to ceiling marble fixtures. An ornate toilet shrouds mirrors in marble frames, while the bathroom leads towards a stand-alone bath astride a living wall. Opaque shower doors create a barely-visible sheen across a gleaming floor. White porcelain amenities and bauble lighting round off cold corners in a place to relax, refresh and revive.

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