Cross Shaped Modern Home In Peaceful Landscaped Gardens

Cross Shaped Modern Home In Peaceful Landscaped Gardens

Modern architecture is often characterised by its bold linear form, and that is what awaits us at this contemporary abode, created by architects at SPASM Design in India. The solid structure stands firm like a fortress at the centre of a green landscape, guarding beautiful secrets that lie within. Dhrangadhra stone clads the modern exterior like a suit of pale armour. The internal volumes of the private home in Ahmedabad are arranged in a cross shape, to promote ventilation as well as to facilitate more interconnection in the midst of daily living. The wide arms of the cross extend through lush gardens, achieving maximum interaction with the rejuvenating outdoors.

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Dhrangadhra stone is used in many architectural antiquities in Ahmedabad, but this time is has been given an updated look. It’s availability from nearby quarries and its endurance made it a prominent choice, as well as its insulating quality. The bone coloured sandstone has been used as cladding over this entire modern home exterior, to appear monolithic.

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The stones rough mottled texture is exposed along the edges of fascia beams, which vertically stripe the external walls.

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A huge slatted shelter protrudes from the side of the building, providing shade over a stepped entryway.

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Planters extrude in a sweeping L-shape along the exterior of the build, taking the greenery of the gardens up a level. Long slabs settle in the green lawn below, extending the depth of a sun patio outward. The huge patio is linked to the interior of the home via a wall of retractable doors and flush level floors.

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Solid stone exterior stairs climb the side of the house to connect the ground floor gardens with the roof garden. The steps are lit up at nightfall, and other exterior lighting illuminates plant beds and a reflection pool to dramatic effect.

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To counteract the searing harsh light of Ahmedabad, the interior of the home has been decorated with darker wall and floor surfaces that will reduce sharp reflected glare.

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Giant blocks of stone were vertically arranged to form a border around the peaceful gardens. The periphery builds a sense of scale and containment.

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A pathway follows the frame of the house, lined by established trees and outdoor plants. The smooth walkway promotes use of the vast external space.

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Balconies overlook the landscape and allow upper volumes to be opened fully to the breeze.

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A mid century style living room is coloured with blue accents. A three-armed gold pendant light spreads its enormous reach over the whole lounge space.

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Another lounge area continues the blue colour scheme at one side. On the opposite side, there is a courtyard twinkling with lantern light. The lanterns swing from the branches of a mature tree that grows straight through the canopy.

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By night, the living room is a lightbox sandwiched between two outdoor spaces.

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A swing seat resides between the courtyard and the garden. Blue seat cushions and planters match the colour story of the adjacent lounge rooms. Doors close off this area at night, or times of rainfall – they are pulled closed along the tracks visible in the patio.

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Irregular breaks in the courtyards canopy gives the effect that the tree has broken through it all on its own.

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Shadow is created by the slatted canopy over the courtyard, filtering the sunlight to prevent glare. As well as having a cooling effect, the shade creates changing pattern throughout the day.

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The white kitchen has a wooden island and ceiling suspended shelving unit. The cabinets follow a minimalist aesthetic with restrained ornamentation.

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The main stair volume is at the centre of the cross shaped house formation. A vivid blue wall and bright artwork set an energised tone. Some of the pieces on display in this home were chosen from the client’s collection, with others commissioned by local artists.

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The open staircase design, hallways and interior volumes are configured to promote movement through and around the house, and to heighten the desire to saunter between inside and out.

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Bespoke semi dividing walls allow the line of sight to pass straight through, to further connect the interior modules.

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The open sided divider is utilised as storage and display space.

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A luxury bedroom is dominated by a slatted headboard wall and gold accents. Wardrobes and ensuite bathrooms are concealed behind rich woodwork boxes in many of the rooms.

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Gold trims adorn a unique side table and a high-end bedroom pendant light.

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Another huge bedroom suite contains a gold 4 poster bed. If you like this look you can check out these other 4 poster beds. Across the glossy bedroom floor there is a comfortable reading chair, seated at the join of dual aspect doors.

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The vanity in a second bathroom holds a unique sink with a sweeping profile.

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Bathroom number three is a vision in white marble.

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Dhrangadhra stone floors the entryway to the home.

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A tiny keyhole is just visible in the middle of an unusual entry door, which provides a clue to the cross shaped layout that lies within. The unique piece also sets the tone for other bespoke items that are at home here, many of which were custom designed by the architects for this specific project.

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A life-size sculpture of a pensive monk, in Beslana stone, was commissioned to evoke the appropriate emotion for this body of water. The piece appears to stand weightlessly on the waters still surface.

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Another body of water looks to hold a sculpture inspired by an origami boat. The homeowners enjoy a life infused with art that contributes to the serenity of the living space, inside and out.

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The home was designed to summon moments of tranquility, inner happiness, and an awareness of just being.

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The spaced stone border allows the breeze to blow through.

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Shadow patterns paint the driveway.

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